Monday, January 23, 2012

A Dark Year for 2012 Go-Buster, Filesonic, Fileserve, Megaupload etc are down

The Super Sentai series movie file we are all watching are usually store at the file hosting service. And as we are now concern, these file hosting service are encountering a great wave of pressure since early month of January 2012. First, file hosting service Megaupload were down and the owner , mr. Dotcom being arrested by authority. Following the event is Fileserve, Filesonic, Filepost, all closing their free file download service. Right now, only , are the remaining western's based file hosting that still in function. Filehosting service from other countries (notable the Russian) such as Depositfiles perhaps void from this event, hope so.

Super Sentai file from fan sub are greatly in use of Filesonic and Fileserve. We will wait to see the situation as it developed. Anything worse, we will facing difficult time if all the DDL are disfunction and only using torrent as main downloading option.

Updated from Filehosting website after the SOPA / PIPA events:

Megaupload - Closed by FBI Jan 19, 2012, owner arrested at New Zealand
Fileserve - Only serve limited download, for owner of the files,
back to normal as Feb 2012.
File Jungle - (Owned by Fileserve) limited download for owner of the files only
Filesonic - disabled sharing function, 

Upload Station - (Owned by Fileserve) disabled sharing function
Filepost - deleting files, some still working at Asiafunction normally on Jan 28th, 2012

Filejungle - deleting files

up and running service as per Tuesday Jan 24, 2012
Mediafire - but rumour say the owner will need to testify in front of FBI
Wupload - banned US IP addresses
Uploading - banned US IP addresses
Uploaded - cancelled affiliate program

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rika Satoh of Gosei Pink Photos

I'll continue with the female Super Sentai heroine gallery.  Although generally less demanded as in Shinkenger or Gokaiger, Goseiger was a series blessed with its cute female ranger cast. Rika Satoh was casted for Eri / Gosei Pink and Moune /Gosei Yellow was played by Mikiho Niwa. Rika Satoh is one of the super cute and beauty of the female super sentai ranger history. Here presented are her photo gallery, collected from several source on net.

  • Name: Rika Satoh
  • Japanese: さとう里香 (さとう りか)
  • Born: April 18, 1987
  • Birthplace: Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 160cm.

  • Beautiful profesional gravuer photoshot.

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Gokaiger Episode 45 - Ninjaman !

    When Ninjaman excluded from the Legendary War, I was a bit worry and then write a mini article here . But then in Gokaiger episode 45 , it is explained the reason why Ninjaman was not there. For after the event in Kakuranger, Ninjaman was found overly reacted in "defending the justice" and put into a jar by elderly. It is suggested that this is a purposely acts by the elderly, mainly to "reserve" Ninjaman and excluded him from the Legendary War, so that he can help the next 35th sentai, that is Gokaiger.

    Ninjaman put into the jar and keep safe at a shrine. In Timeranger episode, Timeranger member had activate time-travelling event to protect this shrine from being destroyed. So, it was a great canonical link between all series and clear up some trivial events in Super Sentai canon here.

    Ninjaman is needed by Gokaiger team as the last super sentai power before they can achieved the Greatest Tresure. But Ninjaman still reluctant to surrender his power, in the far sight, Tsuruhime (White Kakuranger) was monitoring the events and seems approved to what Gokaiger and Ninjaman rendesvouz.

    Two pictures from Gokaiger Episode 45, a tribute to Ninjaman.

    Ninjaman, entertainment by Luka Millfy (Mao Ichimichi)

    Ninjaman in late 2011

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Go-Buster First Promo and Cast

    First promo for Go-Buster is up now at TV-Nihon website. And the cast for all three Go-Buster is well on view, the casts are:
    • Hiromu Sakurada: Katsuhiro Suzuki (鈴木 勝大 Suzuki Katsuhiro)
    • Ryuji Iwasaki: Ryouma Baba (馬場 良馬 Baba Ryōma)
    • Yoko Usami: Arisa Komiya (小宮 有紗 Komiya Arisa)
    • Miho Nakamura (仲村 ミホ Nakamura Miho): Fuuka Nishihira (西平 風香 Nishihira Fūka)
    • Enter (エンター Entā?): Syo Jinnai (陳内 将 Jinnai Shō)
    Photos and Costume Design:

    All lovely casts, the girl looks very energetic and younger than ever. To be premiere on 28th January 2012.
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