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Power Ranger Card Battle Complete Cardlist

In Japan, Super Sentai can also enjoy via its card game. The game called Super Sentai Dice-O  design based on the world of Super Sentai, recreated into arcade battle card game, but also can be a collectible cards ala Magic the Gathering. A perfect game for Super Sentai's diverse universe. The creator, Carddass already released almost all Super Sentai Team in their Dice-O series. Unfortunately in outer Japan region, the only game released under this franchise is called Power Ranger Card Battle. Which is English-ready. Unlike Super Sentai Dice-O which always up to date (the latest series is Gaburincho 6 featuring Kyoryugers), Power Ranger Card Battle only updated to Shinkenger in Series 1. The latest news is Series 2 which only covered up to Goseiger in 2013/14 !

UPDATED - see our unofficial cardlist for Series 2, which haven't uploaded by official website.
and SERIES 3 is out now.

Power Ranger Card Battle is an Arcade Card game, very popular in "Bandai Asia" region covering South East Asia : Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. The vending machine will give you one card for each game. There is a total of 66 cards as per Series 1. Here it is the compiled complete cardlist of Power Ranger Card Battle Series 1:

Complete Cardlist Power Ranger Card Battle
in Hi Res 1700 x 2211 resolution

The Power Ranger Teams included in Series 1:
Power Ranger Samurai / Shinkenger
Power Ranger RPM / Go-onger
Power Ranger Jungle Fury / Gekiranger
Power Ranger Operation Overdrive / Boukenger
Power Ranger Mystic Force / Magiranger

The cards have four rarities: Normal, Bronze, Silver and Gold card.
You can see all the card's details on official website :  tag: daftar lengkap kartu power ranger card battle, permainan power ranger card battle, lokasi power ranger card battle, koleksi card pr card battle, gold card, silver card, bronze card, strong team power ranger card battle, kartu dice o, series 2 cardlist, 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Super Sentai in Super Hero Taisen Z 2013

In fitting out the canon of Super Sentai world, here are the teams that make it into Super Hero Taisen Z timeline. Super Hero Taisen (Great War) Z is a crossover movie between Kamen Rider X Space Sheriff X Super Sentai in 2013. Most of notable Kamen Riders were present, as well the Metal Heroes. They are fighting resurgences of Space Magic Madou who trying to conquered the universe.

Super Sentai team that make appearances to the battle:


supposed to be a big problem in Space enforcements that bring Dekaranger in

Denziman, Jetman and Hurricanger, Red representatives

Flashman, they are from other planet as well

Gai Silver and Geki Gavan


Gingaman, rarely we seen them in this time

Core Go-busters team

Gokaiger, whom transformed with Metal Heroes key here

of course, "No battle on Earth can be done without us.." Gorenger Red and Kamen Rider


Metal Heroes representatives:
Janperson, Jiraiya, Jiban, Exceedraft, Juukou B-Fighters

Shinken Yellow Kohoka is helping unlocking the Metal Suit activators 


and of course the current Sentai in charge, Kyouryugers

and Metal Hero trilogy, Space Sheriff Sharivan, Gavan and Shaider

and a super rare cameo of  Inazuman

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Super Sentai 2014 Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Early Photos

As we know, the 2014 Super Sentai is pretty much fixed now as Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger. The motive will be train. Here some of earliest photos taken mostly from similar Super Sentai and Tokusatsu blog and websites.

In this scan, the suit and mecha design is revealed. Again, the first impression is favor by the fans. Reactions are mostly saying its an ugly design and too minimalis. 2014 Super Sentai vizor design is now a train rail track. The color scheme is back to the classics: Red Ranger, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. Here the photos, and to be updated later on.

Updated 23 December 2013:
We are getting closer to the 2014 Super Sentai, the personalities of the five member is now online:

Tokkyu Red - a sanguines, positive and happy person, I speculated to be someone like Kyoryu-Red / King
Tokkyu 2 - the smart guy, strategist and most knowledge guy. Speculated to be like Deka-Green
Tokkyu 3 - trust able woman who can help other member team, speculated just like Hurricange Blue
Tokkyu 4 - calm soldier even in a storm, maybe someone like Raita Oishi of Jetman Yellow Owl
Tokkyu 5 - cute girl who can turn into variety of character when fighting, someone like Deka Pink?

UPDATED 26 December 2013:
and the most official photos of Tokkyuger :

Super Sentai 2014 - Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger

UPDATED 1 Jan 2014 - Cast finally revealed HERE

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