Thursday, October 13, 2016

Top 10 Super Sentai Headquarter - Military / Laboratory Category

In year of 2016 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of super sentai series. I will bring together trivial fun fact about super sentai in "Top 10 Super Sentai..... " posting. Our first Top Ten is the design of headquarter of the series. The headquarter play important part on the series. They are designed following the main theme of the series. The most common headquarter theme, and the most being used in the first decades of super sentai is the Laboratory style. The super sentai will reside in very advance technology laboratory, usually with military backup. Here are the top ten to remember :

Top 10 Super Sentai Headquarter - Military / Laboratory Category

10. Google V - Future Science Laboratory
From the first super sentai series (Goranger), the futuristic style headquarter is used by each team. Google V's Future Science Laboratory is the most memorable milestone. It got very hi-tech design, fully operated by Computer Boys and Girls, and head by Dr. Hideki Hongo. The Google V team brainstormed and analysis strategy in this headquarter

9. Bioman - Biobase
It is a very hi tech headquarter located near Mt Fuji. The laboratory is also the launchpad for BioDragon and BioRobo. It is hidden in the cave complex.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Power Rangers Dash - Rangers Game Statistic & Guide Walkthrough

Power Rangers Dash is new mobile-based games (Android and iPhone) with Power Ranger theme. It is a side running game and a fun one. There are groups of Power Rangers team ranging from Zyuranger (Mighty Morphin), Wild Force to the latest Dino Charge. You played with three rangers as your team to side running the whole game. You can buy a ranger (and sell), level up, give him more attribute and so on. Here are the screen shot of each rangers and its initial statistic :

Power Rangers Dash - Mighty Morphin Team , based on Zyuranger
The long ranger shooter is Pink Ranger

Power Rangers Dash - Wild Force / Gaoranger team
A good team - Long ranger shooter is Red Wild Force and White Wild Force
Yellow Wild Force special is Triple Jump, which is extremely powerful
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